Retroactive Blog Things

Hey, so I realized I had a bunch of food-adjacent posts at my knitting blog and figured they might like to hang out here. You can now read my adventures in jam and spice (and a bit of yarn managed to sneak through, and also I’m not saying there isn’t still some sass in there) going back to like 2010-ish. It was good motivation to finally dig up all the photos that got lost when I killed my old email addresses without realizing that like 3 years of blog photos were still pointing to whatever the old Google photo thingy was. Anyhoo. Have at those archives, kids. I’ll be back soon with my potentially quite outsize plans for this year’s garden.

Here’s a before shot so you can understand the amount of work that needs to be done.

I call this one It’s Garlic Not Graves. Also those containers used to be up next to the house. Iowa’s fuckin’ windy, man.
Wind-blown container for reference. Also we pulled down the old shed. Nobody’s witch-sister was injured.

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